Dogs are affectionate animals that show their emotion and are compassionate friends. A dog is a protector, teacher, entertainer, and a valued member of the family. Dogs are popular with kids and can make a great addition to a growing family. They are not only loyal, but they offer benefits to children and families. Some families may not consider getting a dog because of the extra responsibility that may be required. However, with proper training, dogs can be a welcome addition to your family, adding an element of safety because they are natural protectors. Whether you own a Yorkie, a Beagle, or a German Shepherd, they all can bark and alert us if there is an intruder around our home.

How Dogs Help Out The Growing Family

Dogs, with their loving nature, have a way of making us feel joy and happiness. Not only can they provide your family with protection, but dogs can also offer families other benefits. Below are ways dogs can help contribute to a family!

Dogs Are Compassionate Friends – Dogs can be a kid’s best friend as they have the energy to keep up with a small child. Dogs can provide years of companionship and love for a child.

Helps Maintain Good Health – Dog ownership directly correlates to good health for your kid. Studies have shown children can develop a stronger immune system from keeping up with a dog. Kids can help walk the dog, which helps lead to a healthier outdoor lifestyle. Thus, a dog can encourage kids to be physically active.

Protects the Family – Dogs can be territorial when it comes to their home and perimeters. Dogs can be protective of their owners and are known to be ‘man’s best friend’ because of their boundless loyalty and willingness to protect their masters. Protectiveness comes from a dog’s first job of alerting our ancestors when there was a potential threat from another animal or person. Instinctually, they can sense when an adult or child is in distress.

Develops Skills – During research with preschool children, psychologists at Oregon State University found that teaching children to care for a puppy enhanced their social skills. “Having a pet improves children’s role-taking skills because they have to put themselves in the pet’s position and try to feel how the pet feels. And that transfers to how other kids feel.”

Dogs can add a level of safety and comfort to your family as they can help reduce anxiety. Depending on the dog breed, their playful interaction can help your brain release stress-reducing hormones to improve your overall mood. Having a dog in your family gives you the intangible feeling of security and joy. They make the perfect addition to a growing family.


Dogs to Diapers are dedicated experts that understand why your dog is a valued member of the family. We can implement the proper introduction of your dog to your newborn baby. If you are looking for information about a dog and baby introduction, check out our online training course here.

 Bonus video from Dogs to Diapers showing how a trained dog fits right into your family.  


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