Has society as a whole not progressed from just bringing home a blanket for your dog to smell. It’s horrifying to me as a dog trainer! I can’t think of another topic where there is no room for error, and still, the information has not evolved, but the statistics tell us our babies/toddlers are in danger.  

The good news is that you can enjoy the benefits of living with your pet while also keeping your infant safe. It will take a little more effort than just bringing home an article of clothing that has your newborn’s scent on it though.    

1. Expecting mom’s love checklist so I have created one just for you!

Dogs to Diapers Preparation Checklist (1)

Have fun with training and preparing your dog for the arrival of your newborn. Teaching your dog a new skill set for when the baby comes will also prep you on what to expect from your dog around the baby. Having clear expectations sets your dog up for success. Your new baby will enter a safe home with a loving dog waiting to serve its unique purpose.

2.  Ease Your Mind By Separating Emotions From Facts

No parent wants to think their dog is capable of anything but love and acceptance towards their newborn.  You can identify any concerns in your dog’s behavior and personality before the baby is in the picture to help ease any negative thoughts. By doing this, you can start implicating management systems into your household to ease your mind until trust is gained around your dog and baby. You don’t want to wait until an incident happens concerning the baby, and dog, prevent this by being proactive not reactive. The methods demonstrated in Dogs to Diapers will give you solid insight into who your dog is and what preparations they will need.  Not all dogs need the same approach and there are many variables you need to consider when bringing home a baby such as age, breed, sociability, tolerance level, obedience training, and personality of your dog.  These all play an intricate part in the success of your baby and dog coexisting in harmony.  

Empower yourself by being prepared and don’t count on outdated advice regarding the safety of your baby and the love of your dog.  Enjoy your pregnancy and this special time to grow and bond with your dog.  

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