The making of Dogs To Diapers has been an amazing journey and we would like to take a few moments to thank everyone who made this incredibly important film possible.

We would like to thank James Lea at 240FPS for making our Dogs To Diapers vision come to life. We appreciate you always going the extra mile and with everything you do and showing your true passion.

Dave Kroyer at Canine Headquarters,  I thank you for allowing me continued access to your plethora of insight into dog training theory. You are such an incredibly talented trainer with endless amounts of knowledge. You sparked within me the thinking it took to take this video to a whole new level.  I will never forget our competition in Texas when I was waiting for the perfect moment to tell you I was pregnant and the relief you had after I told you because you were afraid I had been eating too many Whataburger sandwiches!

Todd Dunlap at Dunlap Training Solutions You are my friend that I can just “talk dogs” to anytime I have an issue or I’m second-guessing anything.  I know you still have a hard time believing I’m pregnant but you saw the baby so now you can believe it!

Charlie Glaize at Charlie Glaize Productions, Thank you for being our voice on the film.

Wes Wooddell at Wooddell Design for the packaging and design.

David Vandenberg at Vandenberg Innovations for all your amazingly effective and innovative web and marketing support. You are always there when we need you and your professionalism never falters. So thank you for all you do.

Thank you to our friends and pet clients who encouraged us to share our passion.

We are thankful for all the dogs on the film who have been previous training clients at The Doghouse, LLC.

And lastly, to our daughter, Penelope Palm who ignited a deep passion inside your mom that brought me to share this information with the world. I truly believe the Lord has used me and the skills I have been blessed with to help parents keep their babies safe and dogs from being isolated or re-homed.

Thank you,

Carrie & Jordan Wooddell

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