“My dog was my first baby but when my pregnancy got further along I was very worried of how my dog would react without the same attention.  I was so glad when my friend recommended this streaming film!! It answered so many of my questions and even touched on fears I wasn’t aware of! The training is easy to follow and I HIGHLY recommend this for all New Mom’s with dogs and even Mom’s on their 2nd or 3rd child with dogs!!”


— Erin T.

— Amber C.

This video came at the perfect time for our family. We have 2 GS dogs (4 and almost 10) which were given to us by a friend over the past 10 months. We were expecting our 3rd child and we had no idea how to incorporate the dogs with the new baby. Dogs to Diapers clearly went over the steps to take and what we should and should not do. We also have 2 teenage boys, so it was really helpful for them as well. None of know how our dogs will behave and it is best to be prepared in every way we can. I can’t say enough about this video and how helpful it was.


— Sarah C.

This is an important video for families who love their dog and are expecting a baby, but are unsure of how to make a safe, easy, happy transition into a new family unit with their dog and their new baby. Carrie Silva Wooddell is a knowledgeable trainer, passionate about dogs and concrete about what to do to help you, your beloved dog and your new baby transition into a new happy family unit.


— Lona L.

I’ve been around dogs my whole life but now with a newborn in the home this video help to educated me on things I never would have considered. Of course as a new parent you want to make sure you do the best for your children and Carrie is a wonderful example of that.
She will teach you how to manage your household with the love for both the pet and the baby. I’m glad I took the time to watch this video to know I’m also doing the best for my family.
Highly recommended to all new parents with animals.


— Ciera T.

“We discovered this video at the perfect time, one month before our daughter was born. Our dog Toby had recently had a couple of incidents where he acted very much out of character and nipped a guest. This was, of course, alarming since our first child was on the way.

Through this streaming film we learned how important it is to recognize a dog’s warning sings (such as licking lips) as stressors accumulate and to help the dog realize that leaving the situation is an option. Even better is to give the dog a job to do so that he is not focused on the stressor but on pleasing his master. We also stopped allowing him on the couch for the baby’s safety and because it is important for him not to consider himself equal with the baby, as we learned from the video.”


— Maltida V.

Wow! The information in this video would have never crossed my mind. I’m expecting in 3 months, and did not think I needed to prepare my wonderful family dog for the arrival of our baby. Thankfully somebody got me this video, because I realized that he really does need to be prepared. Every dog is capable of biting, and we now know how to properly get our dog to accept and be safe around our baby. One of the most valuable gifts we have received!


— Zoe N.

This is an excellent video full of commonsense info that we don’t think to do. I really like how the instructor states ANY dog can bite. We often believe our little ‘Fido’ would never do that but it’s possible with any dog, trained or otherwise. The idea of introducing the babies scent with a positive scent, i.e. that of the owners is great.


— Andrea G.

This is a wonderful educational film to help parents-to-be when welcoming a newborn into a dog lovers home! I’m a birth doula and I often have clients asking me how they should welcome their new baby to their dog. After watching this video, I learned that I have been giving poor information to my previous clients. Well, that won’t be happening anymore! I’ll definitely be recommending Dogs to Diapers to any future clients with dogs.


— Chrystin L.

“Perfect addition to our pregnancy resource curriculum!

As the director of a pregnancy resource center, I am always on the look out for relevant information to share with our clients. Carrie’s video is informative and very well done. I have developed a lesson for our dog owning clients and will be using it at both of our centers. Thank you, Carrie for a much needed lesson!”

— Susie E.


— Julie 

This movie is filled with great advice on how to train your dog(s) for your little bundle of joy(s)! When I was pregnant, I thought about the safety of my son when being around my animals. I wasn’t quite sure what to do or not to do. This movie fills in those gaps and explains everything to do! It’s very helpful and is one less stresser to think about!


— Shelby P.


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