You’ve taken care of your dog and have practiced being great dog parents. Now you are welcoming a newborn baby into your life and entering parenthood. As the stork is ready to deliver your baby, you may have concerns about how your dog will react and cope with the newest addition to your family. Though dogs are generally happy to see new people, they may not act that way if the attention they were once getting is divided. Here are a few scenarios about introducing dogs to babies that you may not know.


My Dog Is Trained So No Need For Worry:

No matter how well-trained your dog is, they will have a new reaction when introducing your baby to them. Your dog may have anxiety if not prepared for the arrival of the baby. Teaching your dog commands relevant to bring home a newborn can calm them down so they may have a positive association with your baby.


Here are some useful training tips for your dog:

  • Teach your dog an “ away” command – There will be times where you have to give your undivided attention to your baby, but your dog wants to play or wants your attention. Teaching your dog the “away” helps them understand that you can’t give them attention. They’ll realize that this isn’t the appropriate time.
  • Introduce baby items like toys and strollers – Dogs may not be used to baby items like strollers, pacifiers, and baby toys. They may often claim it as their own and chew on those items are take them away from the baby. Introducing baby items to your dog, and putting rules around them as you bring them into the house will help them adapt to the changes.
  • Set limits to baby areas like the nursery – Dogs tend to claim their territory and don’t think about what areas are restricted. Training them to avoid off-limit areas such as the nursery can help with the dog and baby relationship. Make sure they don’t enter the room unless you permit them, so the dog can understand it’s an off-limits area.


I’ll Give Extra Attention to My Dog to Make Up Time Spent With Baby:

Giving your dog more attention may give them the wrong perception when the baby comes. Here is some advice for allotting time with your dog.    

  • You won’t have enough time to play with your dog when the baby arrives. Start by mimicking the amount of attention the dog will receive as if the baby were present.
  • Give your dog attention when the baby is sleeping. Giving your dog attention when the baby is awake gives the wrong signal for when it’s playtime.


Bringing a Baby Blanket Home Before The Introduction of Baby and Dog is Not Enough for The Dog to Have a Good Association With The New Baby:

  • Remember to pair the baby blanket with an article of clothing that the dog has a positive, familiar scent.
  • Make sure the dog has been exercised and has less energy when first planning to introduce the new baby.
  • Keep a leash on the dog even if you aren’t holding it if the dog gets too excited or starts jumping.


Only Aggressive Dogs Attack and My Dog Isn’t Aggressive:

  • Learn about dog language so you can communicate with the dog effectively


My Dog and Baby Will Be Instant Pals:

  • Relationships take time, and your dog must respect your baby and your baby’s development.


At Dogs To Diapers, we focus on the relationship between your dogs and your baby. We understand that this is an exciting time for your family, and we want to ensure the transition goes smoothly. Some dogs may require more training than others. We provide dog training services for dogs of all breeds. Our goal is to provide professional dog training, so your dog can adapt when a baby joins the family. If you have questions about our services, stream our film, and contact us with any questions. Owner and trainer, Carrie Silva Wooddell is happy to advise about any matters concerning your dog and baby. 

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