Know and Understand Your Dog

In this section of the film, we focus on dogs’ genetics and specific characteristics associated with your breed of dog.

  • You will study the different categories of dogs, their genetic history, and their purpose.
  • You will discover about dog body language and how to identify avoidance and displacement behaviors. Being able to read your dog can give us information on how they are adapting to the changes associated with the baby.  
  • You will learn concerning topics about why dogs bite and how we can decrease stressors that can be associated with bringing home a new baby.    

You’ve had your first round of practice raising your dog and being great dog parents. Now you are welcoming a newborn baby into your life and entering parenthood. As the stork is ready to deliver your baby, you may have concerns about how your dog will react and cope with the newest addition to your family.  Dogs to Diapers is a film that will help guide you and your dog through this exciting journey.  It was created by a first time expecting dog trainer with parents, grandparents, nannies, doulas, birth educators, and babysitters that have dogs around babies in mind.

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