With just a few keystrokes on a computer or mobile device, you can access tons of information about a baby and a dog’s interaction. It can be tough to sift through all the data the internet can provide. Dogs To Diapers understands your baby and dog are the most important members of your family and know that with preparation, they can coexist together in harmony.

With the information overload, how do you know what tips make sense for you and your family? When it comes to your dog and baby, you want the most trusted, reliable, accurate, proven, and current information possible. The creator of Dogs To Diapers, Carrie Silva Wooddell, has almost 20 years of experience training dogs and coaching parents when it’s time to bring home their newborn. Carrie provides expert advice and the most up to date news on this topic and more.  

What Info Is Relevant to My Dog and Baby

It’s an exciting time bringing home a newborn baby. There are some common misconceptions about the relationship between a baby and a dog. Conflicting information can distort your perception if a dog and a baby can coexist safely. Here are some of Carrie’s basics tips; about what information is relevant to both your dog and baby.

Re-zoning Your House – The addition of your baby will sometimes make your dog unsettled, as it doesn’t understand what their purpose is. Training your dog will help them adjust to their new jobs and boundaries.

How to Introduce a Dog to a Baby – Making the introduction comfortable for your dog will help get the relationship with your baby off to a good start. We have a step by step demonstration on the film, to ensure you set your dog up for success for the first time meeting your newborn. There is a lot of conflicting information online and in books about allowing the dog to smell a blanket from the baby. Carrie explains how that can be very confusing for the dog. We have no way of knowing how your dog will perceive this new odor from the baby. If you think about it, this is comparable to the dog just sniffing a stranger. We want to ensure that the dog has a positive association with the smell of your infant, and we have developed a system that does just that.

Noticing Dog Behavior – Recognizing your dog’s body language around your baby gives you information. Dogs tell us if they are stressed, anxious, or showing signs that could lead to aggression. Seeing body language cues from your dog such as growling, avoidance or showing teeth around the baby can help you know how to manage your environment accordingly. With time and patience, everybody will learn their place within all the constant changes.

With all the available information online, we at Dogs To Diapers understand it can be challenging to know what advice is relevant. It’s a good idea to prepare your dog for a healthy dog and baby relationship before you bring your newborn home.

A prepared dog respects boundaries, understands their new jobs around the baby, has healthy outlets and engages with interactive toys. Assuming that your dog will receive less attention can help you prepare and train your dog to adjust to a new schedule and relationship. The most relevant information we can provide our clients is understanding that the dog and baby introduction is all about safety, health, and behavior!

If you are looking for the right knowledge without the misleading information about introducing your dog and baby, stream the Dogs To Diapers film. As dog training experts, we have years of knowledge and experience on how to introduce your dog to your new bundle of joy safely. Our film explains who we are and provides coaching and training tips on how to introduce your dog to your baby. It also follows Carrie’s personal journey with her dogs as she waits for the arrival of her newborn. Congratulations on wanting the best for your dog as you purchase our film and prepare for this next chapter of your new life with the baby.


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