I love my daughters more than anything! But I would be lying if I said I never had a moment where I wanted to hide in a closet to get a moment of peace (or just to sneak a candy bar without having to share)! Knowing how easily we can get burnt out as parents should just prove that it can happen to our dogs as well.

Watching my daughters play with our dog is exhausting. They repeat her name over and over, chase her in circles, touch her, lean on her, give her toys, you name it! With this kind of behavior, it is important to recognize that the dog needs a break. Not giving them their own personal space could lead to the dog correcting your child once they are truly fed-up with the attention.

No matter how well behaved your dog is, everyone has a breaking point. And, when it comes to dogs and kids, we definitely do not EVER want to find out where that point is. Instead, ensure that your dog has his or her own personal space through the use of crate training.

When it comes to dogs, being sequestered in a room via a baby gate is simply not enough for them to be able to have uninterrupted alone time to recharge. A crate is a much better option! Start training your dog to love his or her crate at a young age, making sure to never place them in the crate as a form of punishment. Provide them with treats or praise as an incentive, and also try to vary the times that they are in the crate. For example, don’t just put them in the crate when you leave the house. Try to put them in when you’re cleaning, eating dinner, etc. until they eventually learn that the crate is their safe place. This way, when it’s time to give them a break from the kiddos, they will be more than happy to go in and relax!

Having a dog crate in the house is imperative if you have young children. Not only does it protect your dog’s sanity, but it will protect your children in the long run too.

Here is a video link to crate training a puppy:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ink9rVjXtts&list=PLbXq_xNjbfWdJLHAT0pkTeX_xDzqwY89E&index=5



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