Can my dog and baby be happy living their lives together? If you have asked yourself this question, your heart and mind are in the perfect place to receive this information. The key to having your dog and baby get along is proper management, training, and understanding who your dog is. Training your dog on how to act around the baby, learning their boundaries, and being mindful of their possessions can help the relationship between them.

There will be some adjustments when introducing a newborn and dog. Still, with patience and the right techniques, you will have a healthy household. Concerning the introduction, there are common myths that people associate with newborns and dogs. Here are some of the common misconceptions around dogs and newborns.

  • Do I need to get rid of my pet? – Whether you have a dog or cat, you don’t have to get rid of your pet when you have a newborn coming home. Proper training can help prevent accidental injury.
  • Will my dog and baby will become best friends? – An organic relationship has a higher success in growing if you do the proper preparations. Dogs may not understand your baby at first. They may get jealous and not respect the baby’s boundaries. It’s important to teach dogs their new roles so that they evolve with your growing family.
  • Will my baby like attention from the dog. – Babies may like receiving doggy kisses and licks, but this can pose a potential health issue to your baby. Contrary to popular belief, a dog’s mouth is not cleaner than a human’s. Bacteria can spread to your baby if dogs chew on their toys or clothing. You won’t like the attention your baby gets if they get ill from the dog.

Just like with any family member relationship, it will take a bit of work to have everyone vibrate. The same goes for the relationship between dog and baby. Quite simply, your dog and baby can live together with the proper dog training. Training your dog before the arrival of your baby is critical, so the transition is seamless.

If you need help training your dog or puppy, so they will behave before your baby’s arrival, Dogs to Diapers can help. We have the experience to teach any dog breed to behave appropriately, regardless of their age. As dog people ourselves, our goal is to help provide your dog with the proper training so they can interact safely with your newborn. For information about our services, or to find out more about what we do, watch our film and contact us today.

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