Behind the Creators


Carrie Silva Wooddell

Head Trainer of The Doghouse LLC and Creator of Dogs to Diapers

  • Contracted obedience Trainer of ATF Special Response Team
  • Certified Instructor for Florida Guide Dogs for the Deaf
  • Creator of an Animal Talent Agency , providing a variety of canine stars for television and cinema
  • National and International Dog Sport Competitor
  • Ajax Ot Vitosha IPO3 MR2 FR2, High Obedience at AWDF IPO Nationals
  • Genghis Khan Bonds MR3, World Team Member
  • National Recognition for Aggressive and Fearful Dog Rehab
  • Member of the IACP
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

My background in dogs started when I was a child, and my father was a K9 officer. He always had police dogs that he brought home with him. There were not many rules around the dogs. They were part of our family when they weren’t on duty. Looking back, I believe my family was fortunate, never having an incident involving some of the dogs I was around.  

My love for dogs continued, and my passion evolved into owning and operating a dog training facility, The Doghouse LLC. Dog training has been our family business for almost 20 years. 

The idea of the film Dogs to Diapers came to me during my first trimester of being pregnant. I was still recovering from a severe dog bite that had happened a month before I discovered I was pregnant. This bite temporarily tested my trust for the species that I cherished my entire life. It continues to define the trainer I am today. I failed to respect the true nature of different breeds and their purpose. Instead, I insisted my love for dogs was enough and never considered the expecting baby I was bringing into the world. This dog bite, just like most of life, came at only the right time. It became my mission through Dogs to Diapers, to use my experiences and knowledge to prepare dogs that are around babies.  

During this revelation, I was sitting at the computer, doing what all first-time moms do. I scoured Google for all the information I could find around a new baby! During this process, I became curious about what data was out there about dogs and babies. I started researching questions such as:

How will my dog respond to my newborn?

What is the best way to introduce a dog to a baby?

How do you prepare a dog for an infant?

As the pages of information were appearing, I discerned dog training had not evolved one bit in this category. I was shocked by how much unreliable information was out there. As an expecting dog trainer, it sparked my desire to provide better knowledge. I felt a moral obligation to fill this void. I then set out to create a resource that would provide families with all of the information they need to have confidence in managing their dogs around a new baby. Our babies are fragile, and with my recent dog bite, my mind wouldn’t stop running. It is a fact that dog bites involving young kids are statistically on the rise. Knowledge and preparation are essential for new parent’s peace of mind. Unfortunately, most dog trainers and online baby sources are relying on outdated information to educate expecting parents. Even scarier, families leave it up to chance that their dogs and babies will figure it out.   

As an advocate for dogs and my love of being a mom, I am excited to be a part of your journey. A life without the love of a family dog is something I could never imagine for my family or yours. 

Jordan Wooddell

Co-Producer of Dogs to Diapers, Owner of The Doghouse LLC

  • Graduated from the United States Coast Guard Academy with Honors
  • Lead Boarding Officer with the Drug Enforcement Agency K9 Units
  • Supervised Explosive Detection Canines in the USCG
  • Owner and Operations Manager of The Doghouse, LLC

During my second assignment, Carrie and I relocated to Virginia and found out the exciting news of becoming first-time parents. It is there that the creation of Dogs to Diapers transpired into a film. I knew when my 3-month pregnant wife looked me in the eyes and told me of her vision that there was no stopping her! She truly believed this was her new calling and I have supported her through this incredible journey of helping new families prepare their dogs for the arrival of their new babies.

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