Before Baby

In this section, we focus on preparing our dog and household for the arrival of our newborn. We display practical obedience commands that will be helpful around your home and the context of a new baby, such as:

  • Safely learning to walk your dog with a loose leash next to the stroller.
  • The importance of creating invisible boundaries at the nursery door. 
  • We display the ease of teaching your dog an “away” command (for space while we tend to the baby).
  • We establish furniture/bed rules (when the baby is on them).
  • We include the demonstration of safe vehicle travel with dog and baby.  
  • You will hear about scheduling feeding.
  • How to include your dog in all the upcoming changes as you’re rearranging your house and bringing in new baby equipment. 
  • We also address the importance of desensitizing your dog to baby cries.

You’ve had your first round of practice raising your dog and being great dog parents. Now you are welcoming a newborn baby into your life and entering parenthood. As the stork is ready to deliver your baby, you may have concerns about how your dog will react and cope with the newest addition to your family.  Dogs to Diapers is a film that will help guide you and your dog through this exciting journey.  It was created by a first time expecting dog trainer with parents, grandparents, nannies, doulas, birth educators, and babysitters that have dogs around babies in mind.

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