After Baby Arrives

In this section of the film, we focus on how to handle your dog after you bring home your newborn.

  • We will make a plan to handle your dog in a familiar routine while you are in the hospital.
  •  We will cover the correct way to introduce the new odor of the baby to your dog.
  • You will learn how to make sure the dog is in the correct frame of mind to meet the baby.
  • We will discuss how to handle your dog during the first interactions when bringing home your newborn.
  • We will put together all the new skills you learned in the film and make them practically fit into your new routine with your baby.  

Preparing your dog with these methods will deter them from associating the new baby with all the changes. You can prevent your dog from being stressed during this transition by giving them coping behaviors outlined in the film.  

Introducing these new training exercises into your routine teaches your family dog their new purpose after the baby comes. 

When your baby arrives, life will change drastically, not only for your family but also for your dog. 

When your dog no longer becomes your focal point and receives less of your attention, this could lead to your dog becoming less obedient around the house. Less direction of the dog as your baby ages could potentially lead to inappropriate behavior around your child, including displays of anxiety and aggression.

Dogs to Diapers is the solution to avoiding any of those results. Implementing the techniques in this film will make these new adjustments easier for your dog. Once your baby arrives, finding the time to train your dog can be a challenge, so you are doing the right thing starting now!    

You’ve had your first round of practice raising your dog and being great dog parents. Now you are welcoming a newborn baby into your life and entering parenthood. As the stork is ready to deliver your baby, you may have concerns about how your dog will react and cope with the newest addition to your family.  Dogs to Diapers is a film that will help guide you and your dog through this exciting journey.  It was created by a first time expecting dog trainer with parents, grandparents, nannies, doulas, birth educators, and babysitters that have dogs around babies in mind.

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