Dogs to Diapers film is the perfect gift for ANY expecting parent or family member that will have their dogs around babies. Place this topic on your must-read and watch list, right alongside other popular selections such as What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Here’s why:

  1. You don’t know what you don’t know– When preparing dogs that are going to be around babies, you would rather be proactive rather than reactive. The majority of dog-owning parents don’t start looking for materials on helping their dogs adjust to their newborn until a situation has already happened. We should always be over-prepared when it comes to the health and safety of our children. Prepare yourself and your dog for life with a newborn, and you will be creating a safer environment to bring that baby home.
  2. Your love for your dog– I have seen way too many loving families forced to re-home their family pet simply because they did not take the time to prepare for their newborns. Our dogs are our most loyal friends, and it isn’t fair to send them into a situation blindly. If your dog reacts negatively to your baby or toddler, it might force you to surrender or, even worse, put them down if there has been a bite. Watching this video and employing the tips and techniques discussed will ensure that your beloved animal is safe and happy.
  3. Kids deserve to grow up with a well-mannered pet– Some of my favorite memories growing up are co-existing with my dad and his working dogs. I would often watch him train, feed, and care for these dogs because they were part of our family. The connection between dogs and humans is impressive to witness. If your child has a negative interaction with the family dog, the result could be that they become resentful or timid of dogs throughout their future.

Take the first step towards continuing to help create healthy relationships in families between dog and child. This film makes a great baby shower gift, grandparent gift, midwife, and doula educational film. 

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